Working With MIS

MIS is proud to work with many skilled interpreters, and we invite you to become a part of our team.

Private Practice Interpreter
MIS is always excited to add qualified interpreters to our list of part-time interpreters.

Interpreters interested in working with us must hold a current Texas BEI certification and/or a current RID/NIC certification.

If you are certified and interested in working with us on a part-time basis, contact

Practicum Students
MIS is happy to offer a practicum program for students in Interpreter Training Programs (ITP). Our program is designed to allow students to develop their skills in the real world with the supervision of a certified interpreter. The practicum experience can be modified to accommodate your program’s specific requirements. Observation opportunities may also be available for those interested in the field of sign language interpreting, but not yet enrolled in a formal ITP.

For more information, contact Stella Ashley at